by Si Phili

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Dedication to Leon Briggs, Killed whilst in police custody in Luton Police Station on the 4/11/13. All Proceeds of this track go to the Family and their ongoing fight for JUSTICE... R-I-P Leon Briggs.


Yo this is J4L
Justice for Leon
This campaign can't fail
People keep dyin inside the same old cells
Justice for Leon
It's jus the same old tale
It's J4L

Its like im Livin in hell
And resting where the devils they dwell
Feel like rebelling cos The police are like devils as well
yo gather round I gotta story to tell
Its a story bout how my friend he arrested then was dead In a cell
Shockin my shell
Disgusted by the way way it was dealt
The police COMPLETELY disregarded that he needed some help.
They come In heavy handed n they even abandoned the ambulance
Shackled Sat on his back
The way it was handled was scandalous.
He got arrested for his mental health
An got murdered by those in power that were Sent to help.
I've had of all the police n papers
Sayin he's barmy
Jus because he knew truth n believed Illuminati
yo These dirty coppers really come n run these tricks
Come arrest us n call us nutters with they 136
Eh yo!!!
These dodgy coppers need to pay for their crimes
Start facing justice n just
Start doin some time
Increasing the peace
There's far too many people's deceased
We need an independent body to
Start policing the police.
We need some unity put back in community
To stop all these dodgy coppers thinkin that they can drop us an have immunity.
Cos It's A dam shame
Havin ya man slain
We started this campaign jus to stop all the dam pain
It's non violent we set on keepin it calm with it
We've gathered up the troops n we've started Marchin to parliament


Yo this is J4L
Justice for Leon
This campaign can't fail
People keep dyin inside the same old cells
Justice for Leon
It's jus the same old tale
It's J4L

Check !!!
The local neighborhood was more than offended
Then 5 days later these 7 officers were suspended
The independent assessment
Was sure to be more reclusive
An the coroners report was recorded as inconclusive
we comin lookin for answers cos we ain't havin it
It's time we started raising these
Questions up in the Cabinet
5000 bodies since 69
An not one coppers been convicted of these heinous crimes.
It's all real.
An we need to appeal
We need to find out why the police would put him through this terrifying ordeal.
Start quizzing all these officials.
an demand all the answers
to put a stop to the copper in command of these chancres
Who was the copper in charge n
Who was responsible
Why he was taken to the station n not to the hospital
He shoulda been given some specialist care
But you took him to where they kno
There ain't no specialists there
Locked in a cell after being beat Down on the street
My brother Leon Briggs was murdered by these pigs on the beat.
Gettin restrained.
My friend should b sat in a ward
Cos of a lack of training now he's laying flat In a morgue
I find it had to keep calm n restrain my Temper
When i Remember what they did on the 4th of November
comin for proof
the police jus discourage the youth
Justice for Leon's on a mission to Discover the truth
Eh yo.
Before we see all this Decorum decrease
Before people talk on the forum
With reports of their grief
We need to start with Arresting the police
Justice for Leon's on a mission We ain't resting till he's resting in peace.


released December 5, 2013
Lyrics. Si Phili
Production. Richy Spitz.
Engineered by Passion HiFi @ Hooligan Studios.



all rights reserved


Justice 4 Leon Luton, UK

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